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Digital Web Magazine announced it’s ceasing publication. While the site will remain up as an archive of past articles, it is closing its doors to posting web industry news online.

I post this because it was actually a Digital Web Magazine article that first peaked my interest in web accessibility. Leona Tomlinson’s Understanding Disabilities when Designing a Website came through on a general feed (Design Float, if I recall), and I found it very interesting.

In particular, I was struck by the sheer numbers of people with disabilities. When you focus on percentages, single-digit numbers don’t really seem like they have a lot of magnitude. However, when you see numbers like 10 million with vision impairments or 28 million with hearing limitations — it hits you a little more.

The article then went on to list some basic techniques one can use to ensure better accessibility, from alt tags to proper formatting of forms.

After I read that article, I began searching around for others about web accessibility, and the rest is history. This all being said, I’m sorry to hear that Digital Web Magazine is closing shop.

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