Facebook to Improve Accessibility

Facebook logoSocial media juggernaut Facebook, which boasted reaching 200 million users this week, has been working with the American Foundation for the Blind, and announced some strides towards improving the accessibility of the site, particularly for the visually impaired.

Carl Augusto, President and CEO of AFB, posted a lengthy entry on the Facebook Blog, sharing how he, as a blind person, initially had troubles utilizing Facebook when first visiting.

Two years ago, AFB began discussing with Facebook ways to make the social media site more accessible to blind users. Facebook is working on enhancements, and has published an informational page called Making Facebook Accessible for Everyone.

Among the features highlighted on that page are:

  • Audio alternatives to CAPTCHA, which is the technology you see on some websites that requires you to enter letters from a distorted display that a human can decipher but a computer script or automation cannot.
    Example of the CAPTCHA technology
  • Straight HTML version of the site (specifically, the mobile version) that is friendlier to screen readers.
  • Non-Javascript version of Facebook Gift Shop, which addresses a standing frustration with the inaccessibility of that locale
  • Ability to use Facebook Chat via screen reader.
  • Shortcut keys to key sections of the Facebook, listed out by browser

One thought on “Facebook to Improve Accessibility

  1. dani

    I hope I can use Facebook with my disable images mode on my low-speed Internet. Is my dream is too far from those disable people thinking?

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