Marriott and Accessibility

Marriott is working with the American Federation for the Blind to strive for a more accessible web experience.

They are joining the AFB‘s Accessibility Assurance Program and committing to working directly with disabled consumers to collaboratively make as accessible as possible.

By participating in this program, Marriott is making these three commitments:

1. We will enable consumers with disabilities to use our web site(s) by applying accessible design standards and by providing accessibility-specific “help” features (FAQs, tips, tricks, techniques, etc.).
2. We will enable consumers with disabilities to report website accessibility problems they encounter and will make reasonable efforts to respond to and/or remediate any such problems identified in a timely manner.
3. We will provide opportunities for consumers with disabilities to influence the accessible design of future website enhancements and upgrades.

(Source: Accessibility Assurance Program)

Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott International, explains this new relationship and Marriott’s commitment to greater accessibility on his blog, Marriott on the Move.

This is a great example of an organization proactively tackling the subject of web accessibility. It’ll be interesting to watch for the fruits of this relationship.

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