Finding a Blogging Voice

I’m quite happy with how this blog has evolved over the past year and a half.

But I’ve definitely learned that blogging is a challenge on many levels. Making the commitment to post often — but with quality — is harder than you’d think.

As I look back at the first year and a half of this site, I can see my voice has changed…and I think for the better.

When I first started, I felt this need to be more formal and “professional”. I tried to be conversational and casual, but I don’t think I was entirely successful. I also tried to keep a neutral ground of everything, like an impartial reporter just reporting the news (okay, maybe that’s a bad example these days).

Along those lines, I tended to recap news items and headlines too often. I’ve really tried to steer away from doing that, and I think I’ve been successful. I find it infinitely more valuable to express my own opinions, take stands, or share insights I’ve gleaned while reading up on web accessibility.

What’s really driven it home for me is that some of the posts I thought were just random ramblings that would fall flat, like the first “True Tales of Accessibility Ignorance“, resonated the most with people. I got the most retweets on Twitter, and actual comments from readers! And, at least by my own modest standards, my site traffic spiked.

Now, whether a topic is specifically about web accessibility or not, I’m comfortable and confident just expressing opinions – about my journey as a blogger, about my decade plus of experience in web design, about my foray into user experience, about my interest in video games, on and on…

In short, I’ve learned that effective blogging is being yourself. Take a stance on something. Share something compelling. Respond to comments and further the conversation. Say interesting things.

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