Accessibility: An Even Playing Field Presentation at mkeUX

I’m thrilled to say that I will be doing an accessibility presentation at mkeUX on December 6th, at the 5th Ward Pub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Of course, I’ll share my presentation on this blog in the near future, but I’m calling it “Accessibility: An Even Playing Field.” I thought back to January when Glenda Watson Hyatt asked the accessibility world to answer this question in exactly 25 words — What Does Accessibility Mean to You?

As I answered then:
Accessibility is all about lack of restrictions. It is about opening pathways to all people regardless of any limitations. It is an even playing field.

I’ll talk about: what accessibility means to me; what types of disabilities and assistive technologies are out there in any web, application, or game audience; some successes and failures (lawsuits included!); some easy things to avoid…and more.

If you’re free, come on down for it!

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