User Experience Goings-On

A couple points of interest in the User Experience and Accessibility world…

1. I’ve mentioned mkeUX before, and even had the honor of presenting my Accessibility: An Even Playing Field at one of their gatherings awhile ago. Well, they are back at it after a brief sabbatical. Check out their latest blog posts, and stay tuned for a bevy of new presentations in the Milwaukee area!

2. I’m heading to UX Week in San Francisco, CA this summer. It’ll be August 21 to 24. The details are coming soon, but it looks like it’s going to be a great lineup of speakers. I’ve heard nothing but good things from people I know who’ve attended in the past. It’s safe to say I’ll have a ton of things to share upon my return.

That’s all for now. Here’s to 2012 and getting the dust cleaned off the art of web accessibility!

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