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I had the opportunity to attend UX Thursday in Chicago last week.

UX Thursday was a less formal, one-day conference coordinated by UX luminary Jared Spool. Depending on its success, it sounds like something they are going to do again — and in places that don’t typically get a lot of UX conference love. Here’s hoping they get Milwaukee on their radar!

Anyway, it was a nice, reasonably-priced conference, with some excellent speakers. Spool and Stephen Anderson, among other things the author of “Seductive Interaction Design”, were the keynotes. Anderson talked about looking at interactions from the small details up, and approaching them more conversationally than stark, impersonal forms or fields. Spool looked at the past and present of interface design, particularly as mobile and tablet devices change the landscape.

I particularly liked the presentations by Russ Unger about researching and Walgreen’s John Yesko about the dramatic improvements they made to their photo printing business.

Most of the topics were more focused on e-commerce experiences, which isn’t my current focus professionally, but the stories and suggestions still were interesting and informative.

After listening to Ross Unger talk about how body language can affect customer interactions, I’ve already been more mindful of how I’m coming across (I realize I fold my arms a lot when listening, brainstorming, collaborating, etcetera).

As I go through my notes, maybe I’ll drop some more insights on here.

Hopefully UX Thursday takes off and repeats around the country, with maybe a little more diversity of topics.

2 thoughts on “UX Thursday

  1. Katie

    Thanks for mentioning this event. I’m bummed that I didn’t know about it! The E-commerce spin would have been perfect for me. Hopefully they come to Milwaukee, or at least Chicago again. Fingers crossed!

  2. Steve Post author

    Heya Katie — nice to hear from you. Hope things are well!

    I’ve been inactive on my blog but trying to correct that. Hopefully next time, you’ll get wind of an event like this here or around the Web.

    Seems as if it was well-attended, so hopefully they’ll keep on doing it.

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