AXS Map Provides Forum for Rating Locations’ Accessibility

Here’s an intriguing bit of accessibility news.

Jason DaSilva, a filmmaker from New York with multiple sclerosis, has undertaken an initiative called AXS Map. It leverages Google Maps to present a sort of Yelp for people with disabilities.

Sample review screen showing the ability to rate a place based on ease of entry,bathroom,and other accessibility-related attributes

Using a pretty simple review process, visitors can rate a place on various accessibility attributes, from ease of entry to parking situation.

Obviously, the richness will only grow over the time — right now, it seems as if DaSilva’s home of New York is one of the few places well-mapped so far.

It’s a great idea that, if embraced, will start giving disabled people a better window into what locales are easier to enjoy than others. It hopefully will also raise awareness for those that are lacking (and maybe shame them into making improvements).

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