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Between travel and other distractions, I haven’t posted in awhile.

Tonight, just sharing some things of interest I’ve stumbled upon across the web

Comcast Debuts New Accessibility Offerings During National Disability Awareness Month
— Comcast Cable has announced some accessibility-minded initiatives. In addition to launching an Accessibility Product and Development Lab, they’ve brought in specialized customer support folks who can answer questions subscribers may have related to disability needs, like closed captioning or screen reader support. It’ll be interesting to see how these two undertakings go, and if they make strides in better serving disabled customers!

Accessibility Awareness Fair at UTB gives students firsthand experience
— Educating people about disabilities — and doing so in creative and engaging ways — is a strong way to push accessibility awareness. The University of Texas at Brownsville had an Accessibility Awareness Fair the other week. Having non-disabled people experience in small ways the challenges that those with them have to face is more effective than just facts and figures.
— Interesting statistics from the article — 11 to 13 percent of the student body at UTB needs some manner of disability service. Hopefully programs like this not only serve as general education for the student body at large, but help make inroads to those services for those who need them but perhaps are reluctant to seek them out.

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