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I was poking around the Internet, seeing what’s going on in the user experience world. I came across an article about Apple products and their accessibility, and found a nice quote that resonated with me:

It’s easy to forget that technology is not just for geeks, it’s for people. In the tech media war that rages on a daily basis, it is often assumed that the only audience that matters is the one that knows what a root kit is or can successfully install their own hard drive. However, the core market for any technology is people for whom technology is just a means, not an end.

Accessibility Is The Key To Unlocking Apple’s Future Potential

On a very related note, this sentiment sticks with me because, all too often in my profession, I’ve encountered people (developers in particular) who feel like they are building certain interfaces for themselves and not considering the end user.

That line of thinking is all the more flawed when the product is for users who are nothing like developers.

When faced with such a mentality, the best weapons for a UX practitioner are to educate and influence using research and feedback directly from users. Personas are effective too, to constantly remind people on a project who the end user is.

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