Baseball Stadium Accessibility

St. Paul Saints logoI stumbled across an article about a new minor league baseball stadium going up in St. Paul, Minnesota, that is looking like it’ll be one of the more accessible professional sports venues in the country.

Check out St. Paul Saints ballpark’s disabled accessibility plans lauded to learn more about it.

That got me thinking about yet another interesting accessibility topic – the accessibility of sports venues.

The last few times I’ve been to Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, I noticed some accessibility features such as a captioning on two of the video displays that recapped everything spoken, from the announcer to the national anthem singer.

That got me thinking about how well (or how poorly) sports venues make themselves open to people with disabilities. I have no idea at this point where Miller Park ranks, but I’ll find out.

I’ll stick with baseball for this post and call out an interesting blog I just found. All the Ballparks recounts the author’s quest to visit all the Major League Baseball ballparks.

Particularly interesting are the Accessibility Reviews of various venues. I’ve barely scratched the surface but will checking them out, as well as other stadium accessibility findings.

I’m definitely going to stay with this topic for awhile, and branch into other sports like football. Stay tuned!

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