More Stadium Accessibility

Continuing on the subject of the accessibility of sports venues, this time I thought I’d look a bit into football.

Here’s a few random and notable discoveries that caught my eye.

More kudos to our friends across the border
Minnesota Vikings logo
— Check out St. Peter man works to make Viking stadium more accessible. It’s from last September.
— The new Minnesota Vikings stadium, due to open in 2016, is going to be considerably more accessible than its predecessor, the Metrodome, thanks in part to a quadriplegic man serving on the Minneapolis Multi-Purpose Stadium Accessibility Advisory Committee.
— Some of the accessibility features include: not only meeting the required number of bathrooms per floor but exceeding it by 8-9; far more accessible seating plus accompanying seats for those attending a game with a disabled friend or family member; 12 elevators instead of 1

ADA Guidelines
ADA Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division logo
— I’m assuming (and hoping) this is updated but here’s a page on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) site outlining accessibility requirements for all new stadiums – Accessible Stadiums (PDF)

Aid4disabled logo
— In reading about the accessibility of Wembley Stadium, I found Aid4disabled, a great resource created by Patrick Burke, a gentleman with multiple sclerosis who shares his own struggles with his disability and provides insights on everything from restaurants and sports venues to household products.

Most every website for a sports team, college or professional, has a page detailing the accessibility standards of its venue. I’m of course still interested in hearing from people. What places stand out for their accessibility? What places are sorely lacking? What would you like to see stadiums overall do better?

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