Presentation Presented!

As I’ve been mentioning, I got the opportunity to give a presentation on accessibility at work. I think it went well. I’m going to tweak it a bit to make it more generic and less specific to the company, and then I’ll share it.

The common themes:
1) Accessibility is a cornerstone of User Experience — while the focus is on people with disabilities, accessibility really is about opening pathways for every user.
2) There are far more disabilities to be mindful of than just, say, blindness (which many people only think of when they think of accessibility). There are disabilities related to vision, hearing, motor skills, cognitive capabilities.
3) And what about environmental limitations? Some people use technologies in poor lighting or too much lighting. Some have numerous, disparate displays screaming for their attention.
4) Do you really know your users, or do you paint them with a spread brush and make sweeping generalizations about how able-bodied they “have to be” to do certain jobs? Maybe you do have a type of user who does in fact have to be devoid of certain disabilities to do a job that involves your product. But be very careful making assumptions!

It was a fun little presentation to put together, and I’m optimistic it’s opening doors for me in raising awareness of accessibility. Stay tuned and I’ll share more.

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