Xbox One

Taking advantage of one of the great Black Friday deals, I treated myself to an Xbox One back in late November.

It’s been a great experience overall. I played the hell out of Dragon Age Inquisition, and just last week completed it. In addition to WWE 2K15, I’ve logged some time with Far Cry 4, which has been amazing.

Xbox One

Thus far, I haven’t delved much into the accessibility of the Xbox One. I did happen to notice a couple things that could be better.

Being primarily a Mac user, I haven’t had a lot of experience with Windows 8, which the Xbox operating system is based off. Overall, it’s been reasonably intuitive, despite some missteps – most notably it taking me embarrassingly long to figure out where to find Settings.

My main gripe with the interface, and something my wife commented on the very first time she watched me boot up the Xbox, is how small text is in general. Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to increase it either without altering the overall resolution, unlike most modern operating systems across Mac and PC.

I have decent vision (well, decent when I’m wearing my bifocals!) but it can a strain reading a lot of the labels other than the main navigation, unless super close to the television.

That’s been my only real gripe in what’s otherwise been a great first couple months with the system.

I’ll be delving more into the accessibility of the Xbox One!

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