More Awful CAPTCHA

Minutes ago, I tried logging into Hilton HHonors, and was rewarded with not one but two terrible examples of CAPTCHA.

First off, I got this one, asking me to identify the ice cream in a series of crappy images:

Apparently I missed one, because then they made me go through it again. I had to find the pasta examples in their images.


Mercifully, I succeeded the second time.

There are reasonably effective, accessible ways to weed out machines from human beings, but these aren’t examples of that. Slapping a series of terrible pictures on the screen and asking the user to find what food items or whatever else they can identify poses visual impediments as well as cognitive.

One thought on “More Awful CAPTCHA

  1. Kim

    I see that there is a headphone symbol. Was that an audio option? I would be curious to hear how they would use audio to dictate images. The changes in Captcha are full of just ignoring the needs of disabled people though as I understand it even the audio versions of standard Captcha (the misaligned letters and numbers) is also difficult to understand.

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