Madison+ UX 2015 Thoughts (Part One)

Madison+ UX

This past weekend, I attended the Madison+ UX conference in, you guessed it, Madison, Wisconsin.

My primary motivation was to support my friend and colleague Mike Kornacki, who was there to present Experience Innovation: The New Design Imperative.

Long story short, the conference was overall amazing. There was an outstanding lineup of speakers beginning to end.

I could go on at length about all the presentations, over multiple posts, but instead I’ll just do some quick one-liners.

Update: Okay, I lied – I’m going to split this up into two posts because I don’t want this is to a novel, and yet I don’t want to marginalize any of the presentations!

Thoughts (in no particular order), Part One:

  • Pamela Pavliscak‘s “Gen Z and the Future of Technology” was a fascinating look at how technology use and expectations has evolved with each generation (and yet Gen Z’ers typically have the worst devices in their household!)
  • Colleen Bos of Bos Meadery has given me a whole new interest in mead. They use a fascinating, science-based approach to making mead better than traditional methods. It’s also a drier, sparkling variety, versus the ones I’ve had in the past that were too sweet for my liking.
  • Chris Coyier was a whirling dervish in delivering a great presentation about how (and when) to leverage SVG in delivering visuals, including animations and iconography.
  • Lis Pardi’s “In Defense of the Floppy Disk” was a compelling study into not overthinking the icons we use to convey common actions on the web. Just because younger generations haven’t used things like floppy disks or rolodexes doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t understand what their symbology represents.
  • Lis Pardi presenting In Defense of the Floppy Desk

    Next time, I’ll share more…

    The sad news is that this is the last Madison+ UX (formerly UXMad), at least in its present form. There seems to be interest in continuing it, so hopefully grass roots will keep it going.

    In any case, special thanks to Jim Remsik and the Adorable crew for coordinating such a great conference.

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