Graduate School Has Begun

I’m entering my second week of online graduate school and it’s been quite the experience getting back into the academic world. For those just joining us, I’m pursuing a Masters Degree in User Experience Design through Kent State.

So far, all is going very well. However, as I mentioned in my last post, a lot has changed since I completed my undergraduate degrees at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, over 17 years ago.

When I was in college then, the Internet was just emerging. I actually used the text browser Lynx to surf the web, since I couldn’t get any of the visual browsers of the day (Mosaic and Netscape, specifically) to work on my Mac. Now, everything I’m doing for this program is online, for a school 460 miles away.

It’s not like I’m some technology neophyte. I’ve obviously been in the tech industry my entire career. I was immediately comfortable using Blackboard to access course materials. Everything is just a whole lot different, and it’s a fascinating, kind of fun experience.

My tools of choice thus far:
Equil SmartPen 2 shown writing comments about sushi on paper and having it duplicate automatically on an iPhone.

  • Equil Smartpen 2 – can write traditional notes on paper, but transfer it automatically to the computer, and render handwriting into text.
  • Oxford Stone Paper Notebook – the only place I can find these is Walgreens, but they are worth it.
  • Evernote – to capture research I find, and can sync my Smartpen notes to it directly
  • Apple Music – to listen to classic music playlists
  • Coffitivity – to listen to ambient noises like “University Undertones.”
  • Kindle app – on my iPad for reading all textbooks. Highlighting was never cleaner or error-free!
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