mkeUX: User Research Panel meet-up on Sept 29th

mkeUX logoTo all of you within the sound of my Milwaukee-based voice, be sure to check out mkeUX’s upcoming panel discussion on User Research, coming Tuesday, September 29th at The Irish Pub.

There’s a great trio of experts, namely Kim Baker, John Dugan and Deb Sova (whom I had the pleasure of working with years ago at my previous job).

Research is a key, often marginalized component of creating successful user experiences. There are many techniques and approaches to better understanding users, business needs, competitors, etcetera from contextual inquiries to focus groups to competitive analysis.

It’s particularly topical to me because it’s what we are currently undertaking in my first class of the User Experience Design graduate program.

What’s more, I will be moderating this panel discussion. It ought to be informative, fun and lively. I’ll do my part to weave in a little accessibility-minded questions too.

Check it out!

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