User Experience Design Masters, in progress

Hello all,
It’s been a long time since my last post.

In addition to work and home life with the usual demands, I’ve been right in the thick of things with my Masters in User Experience Design pursuit.

I recently finished my first class, and two weeks into class two.

I’m absolutely loving it so far. There have been some weeks more than others that are demanding, between readings and homework, but my overall feelings are excitement and fun.

The first class was mostly an overview of User Experience principles. While I’ve been in the field for a long time, I was very happy that this class was more than just a review of stuff I already know. A lot of the overall materials were review, but I learned a lot. For example, I’ve done some heuristic evaluations in my day, and some reports about findings. But through the assignments and readings we had, I learned much better ways to do them — better structure, better presentation, etcetera.

That was the coolest thing about it. For a first college class in almost 20 years, and for a first-ever online class, it had a nice pace and wasn’t overly taxing, but it was also far more than “spring training”. I really picked up a lot of useful information.

Right now, in the second class, we are looking at different methods to quickly sketch out concepts, get feedback, and sketch more. Again, that’s something I’ve done many times in my career, but again, there’s a good deal to learn about alternative methods and putting some structure around it.

In short, my initial impressions of this program are glowingly positive. The realities of work life are positive and negative, with smatterings of politics and business trappings therein. What I’m experiencing in the academic sphere of UX is a lot of great information, and positive, very constructive feedback of everything I’m doing. It’s incredibly empowering and valuable.

Ever onward….

One thought on “User Experience Design Masters, in progress

  1. Randy

    Thanks for your post. I am in the process of applying to the UXD program and am interested in hearing about current or past student experiences.

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