Accessibility & User Experience: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

I’m woefully late posting about the presentation I did for mkeUX back on February 9th. Work has been crazy, and as if their stars are aligned, so has homework in the Masters program.

Be that as it may, I at least wanted to report that the presentation – Accessibility & User Experience – You Can’t Have One Without the Other – went great! It was a lot of fun, and there was a great turnout. Lots of good questions from the audience too.

Mike Kornacki and Steve Grobschmidt kicking off mkeUX and my presentation,

Mike Kornacki introducing me and my presentation at mkeUX, at the Irish Pub in Milwaukee.
(Photo posted on mkeUX Facebook page by Frank Dalton)

I took a similar approach to another presentation I’ve done, and started by dispelling some myths about accessibility and disabilities. Accessibility really shouldn’t perpetuate “us versus them” with able-bodied and disabled people – it should be about making sure experiences are usable and enjoyable for ALL of your users, regardless of disability, hardware or environmental restrictions.

That being said, I always feel it’s good to go over the range of disabilities that people have. It’s far beyond blindness or color blindness, which seem to get the most attention when the word “accessibility” comes up.

I also talked about ways to incorporate accessibility into user experience methods, including personas/archetypes and usability testing.

In short, it was a great time, and a great dialogue. mkeUX as always is a wonderful, informal venue for people in the greater Milwaukee area to get together and talk user experience. There are events lined up for March, April and May, that I’ll share when they get closer.

You may view my presentation on SlideShare:

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