Don’t Mind the Dust

Hello friends,

You may have noticed The Art of Web Accessibility has undergone an extensive facelift.

I’ve been meaning to spruce things up for a long time, but had to contend to the fact that I just don’t want to create a visual design and then implement it. I have no interest in my chapter of my life, a contributing reason why I don’t do freelance design anymore.

And so, I finally came to the realization that it’s perfectly okay to leverage a WordPress theme to start things off.

Some notes about that:

  • I have not gone through the rigorous efforts to make this theme as accessible as possible, like I did with my previous design. So, please recognize that for now this site doesn’t exactly practice what it preaches. I’ll get to it – and of course appreciate any pointers you care to share.
  • This site is at last responsive. Welcome to the modern era (finally).
  • I’m not done. This is the framework, the starting point.
  • Stay tuned!

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