Creativity – A 2017 Update

Hello friends,

In a flurry of inspiration, I posted a bunch of things about creativity at the start of 2016. In part, I looked back at what creative outlets I’ve had throughout my life. I also hoped that by sharing all of that, I’d kick myself in the ass to be write more and explore other ways to flex my imagination.

Check out the whole series here: Creativity

I’d give 2016 a “B-” as far as all that. I did some writing here and there, but not as much as I’d like to.

I do have some positives though, that justify a grade in the “B” range!

  • I’ve been taking a 30-day writing challenge. Head over to Creative Writing Now and sign up for their free 30 Days of Inspiration e-book. And check out my efforts at my Tumblr writing locale, Rustworks.
  • For those of you who follow this blog, you might recall in my post Creativity: Then and Now that for many, many years, I played a dice and card game called Champions of the Galaxy from Filsinger Games. Well, after over a decade away from the game, I took the plunge and started playing back in September. Since then, I’ve been playing a few times a week. And I’ve gone old school. I write up events, keep track of results, and write summaries, all in a notebook with actual pens. No computers involved. And it’s a whole lot of fun and just as creatively inspiring now as it was when I was a kid.
  • Handwritten results of two events held in my fictional wrestling federation in the Champions of the Galaxy game setting. These are from 2007.

    Then – Playing Championships of the Galaxy 10 years ago.

    Now – Playing Champions of the Galaxy in 2017

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