A More Accessible UNO

My UNO hand in a game from a few years ago.

I just stumbled across a great article – After 46 Years, Mattel Redesigned Uno For Colorblind People.

Like most people, I’ve played more than my fair share of UNO, as recently as this past weekend.

Though the core game design has remained consistent over nearly 50 years, there have been all sorts of variations. One design that really stood out to me as bad accessibility was a set a few years ago that had no borders or shadowing – just pure color. The yellow cards, even for those who consider their sight “normal”, were really hard to read.Example of yellow UNO card with no shadowing or border

Beyond that, I’ll admit I never really gave the design of UNO cards much thought. It’s a pretty universal game – playable by young and old, regardless of language. Even though I consider myself pretty high in accessibility empathy, I hadn’t even considered the color themselves could pose problems.

Now, after all this time, Mattel is actively doing something to make the iconic game more accessible for those with colorblindness. ColorADD standardized icons will accompany the colors and numbers, providing an additional means of differentiating the green, yellow, red and blue.

This is quite cool – hopefully making one of the most popular games of all-time enjoyable by even more people.

I’ll be interested to how it’s received.

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