2018: My Year of Writing…or so I hope!

Hello friends!

With graduate school well in the rear mirror and the holidays a not-so-distant memory, 2018 as my real opportunity to get back to writing.

New Year’s resolutions make me cringe. So many people make them, yet so few are resolute about seeing them through.

I’ll try to keep expectations in check, but will make a serious effort to carve out time for creative pursuits.

Writing, reading, sketching – whatever I feel like.

I spent the past two years using my lunch time for homework. Since my brain hasn’t fully transitioned away from that, I’ll use most lunch times to read and/or write. It gives me a needed separation from “work stuff” and sure beats just sitting at my desk eating and puttering around the Internet.

I’ve started reading The White Company, a lesser-known work from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And in addition to the usual story prompt devices I’ve used like Rory’s Story Cubes, my wife got me a cool little book called 642 Tiny Things to Write About. I particularly dig it because I’ll do creative writing with good old pencil-to-paper.

And of course, writing also means blogging. I haven’t forgotten you, theaccessibility.com!

Anyway, Happy 2018 to all of you. May you all find creative pursuits in all the ways that make you happy.

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