Architect with ALS Designs Accessible Smart Home

I was watching Sunday Today with Willie Geist this morning and saw a fascinating story about an architect who designed a smart home that’s accessible for those with ALS, including himself.

Steve Saling is an architect who was diagnosed with ALS in 2006. Here, he shows NBC’s Jo Ling Kent how he can control all aspects of his home through his computer. (Photo from NBC Today)

Steve Saling was diagnosed with ALS back in 2006 and given 3-5 years to live. He didn’t accept this grim prognosis. Instead, he’s been instrumental in making a home for 30 people with ALS that is accessible through computers.

Through his one remaining motor function – movement of his head – he is able to control everything from thermostats to lights to all electrical devices in the house.

Check out the video and the article:
Inside the 1st high-tech smart home designed for people with ALS

In the same spirit of the story I shared in a recent post – Architect Doesn’t Let Blindness Stop Him From Doing What He Loves – this is another inspiring example of someone not letting a major disability defeat them. Saling was given years to live, a fate many reasonable people would resign themselves to just live out as best they can. Instead, he not only found ways to better his own situation, but help others.

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