Building for Everyone

If you want a thought-provoking read on inclusive design, check out “Building for Everyone: Expand Your Market with Design Practices from Google’s Product Inclusion Team”, by Annie Jean-Baptiste.

It covers the gamut from digital experiences to physical products. There’s also ample rationale for both the ethical and business reasons for designing inclusively.

The author makes really compelling points without being preachy or over-the-top on it. It can be easy to fall into those traps when talking about inclusivity, since it’s a topic that affects so many people and the examples of complete inaccessibility can be infuriating.

The book also introduced me to the Platinum Rule, which makes a whole lot more sense to me than the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is to treat people as we would like to be treated, but the better way to look at it is to treat others like they would like to be treated.

That’s a huge difference in mindset, and calls for a cornerstone of UX – empathy. While it’s impossible to fully understand the needs, expectations, frustrations and overall experiences that people of different cultures, genders or disability types, listening and researching and being open-minded at least help bridge that gap.

Do check this one out!
Building For Everyone: Expand Your Market With Design Practices From Google’s Product Inclusion Team (on Amazon)

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