Design & Research

From exploration and research through concepting and imagining, I have strong experience in all facets of User Experience.

Here are highlight projects that show my range. They are a mix from professional experience and my Masters Degree program. I’ve also included some additional deliverables to showcase the across-the-board work I’ve done.


Where: Johnson Controls
Key Activities: Information Architecture, User Testing, User Research, Prototyping

From 2011 to 2014, I was the UX Design Lead on P2000, a suite of building security products including alarm notifications, identity management and camera operations. I conducted a broad range of research and design activities, and also ran a team of designers who collaborated on these efforts. The direct result of our efforts were the launches of two browser-based features – Alarm Management and Case Investigation.

Learn more about my P2000 engagement.


Where: Kent State UXD Masters Program
Key Activities: Usability Testing, Expert Evaluation

In this Masters degree assignment, I responded to stakeholder concerns about the usability of the Marriott web site and mobile experience, in alignment with their business objectives. My work culminated in a report of key findings and recommended next steps.

Learn more about my Marriott research study.

WWE Network

Where: Kent State UXD Masters Program
Key Activities: User Research, Expert Evaluation, Data Analysis

This was another Masters program project. I focused on the WWE Network streaming service, identified issues with its usability and conducted research activities that resulted in a comprehensive report on how to address the problem areas.

Learn more about my WWE Network research study.

Papa John’s

Where: Kent State UXD Masters Program
Key Activities: User Feedback, Usability Testing, Expert Evaluation

In this Masters program project, I addressed concerns about findability and usability in the Papa John’s online ordering system. Through user feedback sessions and heuristic evaluation, I identified areas of opportunity and conveyed them in a high-quality presentation.

Learn more about my Papa John’s research study.

Other Artifact Examples