Throughout my professional journey, I’ve sought out ways to hone my skills and understanding, beyond what just project work can provide. Whether it’s formal education, workshops or literature, I stay on top of user experience and digital world as much as possible.

Master’s Degree: User Experience Design

What it was: 2 year, 6 semester online program through Kent State University
How I did: 4.0 grade point average all semesters

Subjected covered:

  • LUMEN model (Learn, Understand, iMagine, Evaluate, iNform)
  • User Experience Principles and Concepts
  • User Experience in Practice
  • Researching User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Usability
  • Knowledge Organization Systems
  • Information Technologies

Examples of my work done throughout this program are well represented in this overall portfolio.

Recent Educational Pursuits

  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design (by +ACUMEN)
    • What it was: Online course including team activities, focused on IDEO’s human-centered design process
    • When it took place: 9 weeks (September-November 2019)

One More Thing…

In 1997, I crafted a research paper for a History of the Crusades class. My professor was so impressed with it that he submitted it to ORB (Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies), a resource repository for medieval history.

I was and still am deeply proud that a work of mine was submitted, then referenced by many scholars. I managed to salvage it before the website went down, and share it here:

The Rule of St. Benedict Compared with the Rule of the Templars