Project Spotlight: Marriott

In the Kent State UXD Master’s program, we were given the scenario that hired us to do a redesign of their online experience. Like many real-life situations, they wanted us to jump right into redesign, but we needed to provide a case for beginning with user research.

The following are examples, in order, of research materials and activities I conducted.

Nano Usability Study – a 3-participant simple usability test used to gauge ease of completing basic tasks on Marriott website.

Benefits of User Research Memo – a proposal outlining how user research before diving into design will save rework in the long run.

User Research Questionnaire – recap of a research questionnaire I created for remote user feedback.

Interview Guide – a detailed script of how in-person user feedback sessions would be conducted.

User Research Findings – the final presentation that recaps all the activities I conducted in this brief project, as well as recommendations for next steps.