Research and Organization Visualizations´╗┐

Here are some examples of different visual ways I’ve arranged concepts, data and other information. There are times when info is best illustrated visually, instead of raw spreadsheets and documentation.

Mind Map

Mind Map – Privacy
A mind map is a visual, illustrative way of organizing information. In my Masters program, I created a mind map around the various aspects of privacy and security. This was a fun exercise in which I used an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to convey interconnecting aspects of privacy. Also in this example are the pencil sketches I did leading to this visual.

Concept Model

Concept Model – Web 2.0
A concept model (or map) is a visualization that showed the interconnectedness of ideas, terminology, etcetera. In this Masters Program example, I made a clean, organized mapping of how technologies and concepts around the Web 2.0 movement relate to each other.

Knowledge Organizational System

Knowledge Organizational System – Kent State IAKM Program
One of the most useful classes in the Masters Program was Knowledge Org Systems. I learned invaluable tactics to structuring complex data and information in logical, meaningful ways. The following is a presentation that summarizes the work I did to provide guidance on how to organize all the content of the Kent State IAKM program, for a project to create a system for sharing and reusing course materials.