Design Work Spotlight: P2000

P2000 is a thick client security software suite that was in desperate need of modernization, as well as implementations of browser-based experiences. I was brought in as the UX lead at the beginning of the project. There were 2-4 other designers on the project throughout our multi-year engagement.

Preliminary Research

We were brought in before development started, and had time to do some valuable user research. I visited 5 customers across different business verticals. This is the report I created recapping what we learned and some key early recommendations.

From these firsthand experiences, we created 4 personas that represented the primary users of 2000. These two are my creations. They not only kept our own design efforts in check and focused, but served as reminders to the stakeholders and developers that the real people, not spreadsheets, use the software.

I also provided an expert evaluation (aka heuristic review) of the existing P2000 thick client in a read-out to stakeholders that illustrated the primary problems with the system that the new interfaces should remedy.


After the research phase, we began an iterative process to create updated experiences for two key features – Alarm Management and Case Management. There are wireframes that I created. They would be iterated on and revised by my team over time until getting them in line with user expectations.

Alarm Manager Example Wireframe
Case Manager Example Wireframe

Usability Testing

For both of these features, I organized and facilitated user testing sessions, as well as provided read-outs on multiple rounds of usability testing. For Alarm Manager, we traveled to multiple locations with a test laptop and recording software. For Case Manager, because of travel limitations I had to do remote testing through screen sharing and phone. Both types of testing gave us valuable feedback that we rolled into wireframe revisions.

The End Result

Before our engagement ended, a designer under my leadership applied final branding and visual design, which resulted in this end result.

Final visual design of P2000 (Note: the visual design was the work of someone on my team, not me directly)