Using tools such as Omnigraffle, Axure and Adobe XD, I’ve created wireframes and prototypes that show how experiences should be constructed. These have ranged from static to fully interactive. I also strive to provide clear annotations when building wireframes, so that developers and stakeholders – whether in person or remotely – can clearly understand layout, interaction and all facets.

Kent State UX Design Program

Kent State UX Design Program
As part of a multi-phased project in my Master’s Program, I did user research on the users of the Kent State User Experience Design Program web experience, conducted a content inventory and ultimately put together some annotated wireframes for a cleaner, more optimized experience.

Trends Feature

Metasys User Interface – Trends Feature
I was the lead designer on the trends feature for Johnson Control’s large suite of building automation tools – Metasys. This feature allows the user multipled methods to view and compare historic data on building equipment. As the lead, I worked with stakeholders to determine needed features. I also traveled to Gurgaon, India to work closely with the developers assigned to building this feature.

Continuous Diagnostics

Panoptix – Continuous Diagnostics Advisor
I was the lead designer on Johnson Controls’ Panoptix, a product that offered a broad range of building diagnostic dashboards and tools. In particular, I drove the design of Continuous Diagnostics, which showed users building equipment faults and potential problems. This is a sample of a fault readout page, as well as a version I made for developers that organized page features by sprint number. That method was extremely useful to the development teams and stakeholders.

Design Language System

Design Language System – Dialog Boxes
I have been a key member of three phases of an evolving Design System that the Johnson Controls UX Team has been building. I’ve designed components and patterns and also served as a project manager of the two most recent iterations. This small example represents dozens of building blocks I’ve designed – instructions on how to build basic elements of any web example.

Upper Sandusky Library

Upper Sandusky Library – Sketched Concepts
In another Masters program class, we conducted user research and proposed concepts for a redesign of a community library web site. After interviewing local users of library web sites as well as the staff of two nearby libraries, I created some sketches of cleaner, more organized layouts for main workflows of the Upper Sandusky library site. I used an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for these.